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What is new this month on Netflix and the others

 I forgot to check to see what new stuff would be online for August 2017.
I just looked on Vulture for what is new on Netflix and I see nothing that interests me!  

 Well, checking out the YouTube video above I see a few things that might interest me.

Here is a Hulu link that tells you what they have new this month.  I do not see much for me. 

Gamespot has a list for new stuff on Amazon Prime.  

I see “Benny & Joon” on the list.  Great movie but I have seen it many times.
“High Noon” is on Netflix this month.  I will not watch it.  It is too dated.  Great movie if you have never seen it. 

I have never seen “Saw” and not my type of movie.  All the young guys working at CompUSA said I looked just like the killer in the movie.  One good reason for me not to watch it I guess.