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Jim Howard  NØUWY

Jim Howard NØUWY

I got my first computer in 1978. I set up a computer bulletin board system (BBS) in 1982. You had to dial in at 300 baud. A national magazine picked my BBS as one of the ten best sites. I was blogging before the word blog had been invented. People think the first blog was invented in 1995. They are wrong I was doing it in 1982. When the rest of the world got around to inventing the world wide web I moved my BBS to the web. Yes, I been online for over 32 years. You have found one of the very first online sites! I was doing this before Google (1998), before YouTube (2005), Yahoo (1994) and all the rest of them. You have found one of the fathers of all this that we all enjoy so much. Welcome and enjoy and hang out with Jim Howard. He has been waiting for you. One of the first online sites, one of the first blogs and one of the first webcam sites.

  • One of the founders of the People-to-People organization.