John F. Kennedy – “Parking Lot” Speech – November 22, 1963

President John F. Kennedy, less than four hours before he was killed by an assassin’s bullets, gave this brief speech in a rain-soaked parking lot outside the Hotel Texas in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, at 8:45 AM (Central Standard Time) on the morning of Friday, November 22, 1963.

This rare audio footage comes from the archives of Fort Worth radio station WBAP.


What is new this month on Netflix and the others

 I forgot to check to see what new stuff would be online for August 2017.
I just looked on Vulture for what is new on Netflix and I see nothing that interests me!  

 Well, checking out the YouTube video above I see a few things that might interest me.

Here is a Hulu link that tells you what they have new this month.  I do not see much for me. 

Gamespot has a list for new stuff on Amazon Prime.  

I see “Benny & Joon” on the list.  Great movie but I have seen it many times.
“High Noon” is on Netflix this month.  I will not watch it.  It is too dated.  Great movie if you have never seen it. 

I have never seen “Saw” and not my type of movie.  All the young guys working at CompUSA said I looked just like the killer in the movie.  One good reason for me not to watch it I guess.  

My Computer History – a 2011 YouTube Video

This 2011 YouTube Video, as of 2017, has only got 158 views!  I think it has a good history of my early computer days.  I start talking about the history at 6 minutes into the video. So, jump to six minutes if you want to hear me talk about the good old early computer days.


Amazon is retiring their aStore on October 27, 2017

Many of us have Amazon aStores. Well, Amazon is killing them. They are on their way out. The last day for your aStore will be October 27 of 2017.

After July 14th you cannot create a new aStore.
After August 11 you cannot edit an existing store.
On October 27th the stores are gone.

Many of us on YouTube use product links to Amazon. Those will still work.

TRAM Scanner Antenna @Amazon:
US TV Station Listing:

My Amazon aStore Page:

Video of my computer room and hardware

Video of my computer room and computer hardware July 2017

This is a current view of my computer room, bedroom, and of a possum that has been coming to eat the food we put out for cats.

This video was made with my Panasonic FZ200 camera.

FZ200 camera @Amazon:
A FZ300 Camera (4K) @Amazon:

I do not have a 4K digital camera.
I hope to get one day the Panasonic Lumix G7 4K camera.
Panasonic G7 4K @Amazon:
It is on My Amazon Wish List: